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Here are a few books I’ve edited:

Going Down Swinging #38 (2017)

Return Flight: MEL>EDI (Going Down Swinging, 2017)

Flavours of Tasmania (Smudge Publishing, 2017)

Here’s some of my published work:


Ballarat’s Kryal Castle And Sovereign Hill (July, 2016)

The Yacht Owners Helping To Rebuild Cyclone-Ravaged Fiji (April, 2016)

The Plight Of New Zealand ‘501’ Detainees On Christmas Island (November, 2015)

Vanuatu’s Radio’s Active Decay (July 2015)

Cheap Land Beyond City Limits Locked Up By Zoning (March, 2015)


The Hypocrisy Of Australian Democracy (June, 2016)

Where Is Australia’s Aid Agenda Heading? (April 2015)

South Africa in Edinburgh: The Role of Post-Apartheid Art (August, 2014)


Would You Follow In Your Parents’ Career Footsteps? (July, 2017)

How To Stay Motivated And Get Stuff Done As A Freelancer (September, 2016)

How To Best Look After Your Mental Health While At University (August, 2016)

Sweatbands, Lycra And Sportsbras: How Women’s Sportswear Helped Push Gender Equality Forward (August, 2016)

Six Aussie Bars That Are Making Your Nights Out Way More Fun (March, 2016)

The Rise Of ‘Feminartsy’: How Writer Zoya Patel Turned Dumb Online Abuse Into Something Great (January, 2016)


Some Tips To Help You Win At Hostel Living (June, 2016)

Eight Things You Should Know Before You Go To Spain (March, 2016)

Nine Things You Should Know Before You Go To Budapest (January, 2016)

The 7 Best Island Getaways From Bali (December, 2015)

Meet The Creative Minds Behind Australia’s Most Unique Festivals (December, 2015)

The Adventure Handbook Tells Travel Stories With A Difference (November, 2015)


How To Squeeze The Most Savings Out Of Being A Student (March, 2017)

The Incredible Things Your Body Does While You Sleep (December, 2016)

How To Learn An Instrument As A Grown Up (May, 2016)

Welcome To The Future Of Fitness: Trends You Need To Know (May, 2016)

Five Ways To Incorporate Mindfulness Into Your Everyday Life (March, 2016)


Is It Possible To Live A Simple And Sustainable Life Inspired By Hobbiton? (July, 2016)

Why We Need To Talk About Cross-Culturalism (June 2, 2016)

Why French Millennials Are Up All Night (April, 2016)

The Problem With Our Drinking Culture Is There’s No Culture (March, 2016)

How To Be Like Leslie Knope And Win At Local Government (January, 2016)

The New Hospitality: A Global, Community-Centric Movement Driven By Technology (September, 2015)

How One Man Is Raising Aid For The Vanuatu Village Hit By Cyclone Pam (August, 2015)


Collaboration Key To Carriageworks’ Artistic Program’s Success (November, 2015)

Diverse Voices And Gutsy Women: Stage Set For Parramatta Audiences (November, 2015)

Surviving On The Fringe: The Reality For Edinburgh’s Arts Community (August, 2014)

The Bedroom Philosopher: Undressed (June, 2012)


Melbourne Beaches Still Plagued By Sharks And Poo (January, 2017)

Viral Beyonce Mural Defaced Overnight (February, 2017)

New App Addresses Taxi Drivers’ Poor Mental Health (February, 2017)

Slow Walkers Spotted On Collins Street: Melburnians Demand Answers (November, 2016)

How To Pick The Best Workout For Your Personality Type (November, 2016)

Phillip Island For The Urban Wanderer (October, 2016)

Fashion’s Dead: Meet The New Luxury (September, 2016)

Greyhound Pyjama Industry Set To Boom From Racing Ban (August, 2016)

Stop Photographing Us, Say Melbourne’s Ticket Inspectors (August, 2016)


What To Think About When Publishing Trauma (April, 2016)

A Freelancer’s Guide To Europe: Provence (September, 2014)

A Freelancer’s Guide To Europe: True Stories From Edinburgh Share Houses (July, 2014)

A Freelancer’s Guide To Europe: Paris (May, 2014)

A Freelancer’s Guide To Europe: Glasgow (May, 2014)

A Freelancer’s Guide To Europe: London (April, 2014)

Hettie Jones: Writing Behind Beats & Bars (February, 2013)


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